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Examples of models various types.
Ranger. (J Class)429 viewsShe was broken up in 1941. It seems a full-sized replica may be built. You can buy our lovely miniature replica for a great deal less, today.
HMY Britannia720 viewsThis model of the Royal Yacht "Britannia" faithfully captures her lovely lines. A true scale model, she has an excellent performance on the water. Radio control equipment gives control of the rudder, independent control of the twin screws, and switches on a small tape player loaded with a compilation of music from the band of the Royal Marines. At just over four feet long, she is big enough to have a wonderfully convincing presence on the water. She was featured in "Marine Modelling" magazine.
(model by John Davies)
HMS Cossack900 viewsWarships carry a lot of detail. Even if time is saved by basing the model on a kit (this is from the Deans Marine example), good research and knowledge of the prototype is essential. We can claim expertise in the Royal navy, 1939-45, and have a good research library.
Enterprise (J Class)367 viewsBelow decks she was completely stripped out. Even the floorboards were slatted to reduce weight. She had a clean, open, deck layout. All halliards were led below, and a total of twenty-three winches ensured efficient handling of her lines. The mast was laminated from sheets of duralumin, in those days the latest modern wonder material. It was held together by about 100,000 rivets. It was stepped in a steel tube filled with a liquid resembling quicksilver, and a special member of the crew, known as the "mast nurse" had the job of seeing that the stays were properly adjusted on different points of sailing.
All this technology did not come cheap. "Enterprise cost about £100,000, or more than five times as much as the challenger, "Shamrock V". She was built in 1929, before the crash, and in America the rich had money to burn. Four American J class yachts were built that year. "Enterprise", "Yankee", "Weetamoe", and "Whirlwind" were all built without expense spared.
Sovereign of the Seas.417 viewsShe makes a magnificent and spectacular model. The client for this example chose to have her built without her rig. Many museums have models which are displayed in this fashion. It sets off the magnificence of the hull without distractions, and considerably reduces storage space and the risk of damage.
(Model by Frank Hasted)
MTB07630 viewsOn the water, this model has a performance which evokes the original quite satisfactorily.
(Model by John Davies)
Ryhope (detail)715 viewsI was able to complete her at a very reasonable price, as there really weren't too many hours in the job. Now he has two models; one large and magnificent, the other a pretty little thing he carry in one hand, and can take to the water on impulse.
(model completed by John Davies)
HMS Bounty433 viewsH.M.S. "Bounty" will forever be associated with the famous mutiny. There is still controversy over whether Bligh was an unusually brutal captain, or was simply cursed with a bad crew. It is certain he was a superb navigator.
"Bounty" was a typical small merchant ship of her era, used as a transport ship by the Admiralty. This lovely model faithfully represents the original. In the detail shot, you can see that some parts of the upper deck have been cut away, allowing you to view the lower deck, which is fitted out in detail. At 30" l.o.a., this lovely model is large enough to be properly admired, without being unduly demanding of display space.
(model by Frank Hasted)