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Examples of models various types.
Sovereign of the Seas.203 viewsThe "Sovereign of the Seas was launched in 1637. For her day she was an astonishingly advanced vessel. She was the first three-deck hundred gun line of battle ship, setting a pattern which was to be recogniseably followed for most of the next two hundred years, until fighting sail was superceded by steam. She was a sharp departure from the galleons and their developments which had preceded her. Her rig was similarly advanced for its day. She was the first Royal Naval vessel to cross royal yards. Her decoration was more ornate than any vessel before or since, causing the Dutch, against whom she fought, to call her the "Golden Devil"
Muirneag.189 viewsHere is something really special. This highly detailed model of the Zulu type fishing vessel "Muirneag" is truly exqusite. There is no other word for it. From one side, she is a fully rigged model. From the other, she is cut away to expose every last tiny detail of the internal structure. Construction methods faithfully follow the original, to the use of wooden treenails in appropriate places. Timber from sustainable sources was used throughout. There is of course absolutely no plastic anywhere in the model.
Such perfection cannot come cheap. The hours and the effort which went into this model were enormous. But if you want something truly unique and beautiful, we can build it for you.
(model by Gordon Williams)
Honeybee425 viewsThe result is a truly lovely little display piece, which also has a most convincing performance on the water. In her element, she really makes a very pretty picture indeed. She incorporates all the attention to detail and quality of finish which is so characteristic of our larger projects, but she is less than two feet long. She makes minimal demands for display space, can easily be transported to the water, and she won't break the bank either. In short, she is a little jewel.
This model was featured in "Marine Modelling", November 2001
(model by John Davies)
Colin Archer (detail)326 views
Peggy554 viewsThey were built to pursue "the silver harvest, free to all", the herring which once swarmed in the North sea in huge, seemingly inexhaustible shoals. Now, due to a combination of overfishing and pollution, herring stocks have collapsed to the point where no more can be landed from the North Sea. We are learning, slowly and late, that the natural world is not an inexhaustible storehouse of resources to be plundered at will.
Rainbow (J Class)268 viewsShe nearly failed to be selected as defender. Just as with the challenge of 1930, Vanderbilt faced stiff opposition from other American J boats. In this case, it was "Yankee" which posed the main danger. Always a fast boat in stiff breezes, she had been modified so as to retain all her speed in strong winds, while becoming much faster in light airs. She gave "Rainbow" a very hard time in the selection trials. To this day, partisans for "Yankee" claim she was robbed. In 1935, "Yankee" came over to British waters, the only American J boat to do so, and posed a stiff challenge to "Endeavour"s supremacy in her home waters. There is little doubt that she could have been as effective a defender as "Rainbow".
Liberty ship436 views
Nobby223 views