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Examples of models various types.
Clinker Punt.265 viewsHere is something a bit unusual. This little rowing boat faithfully reproduces the construction of a full-sized clinker dinghy. She is only twelve inches long, but she is faithfully planked up with individual strakes, and where there is a rib or a knee in the real boat, there is in the model too.
Shamrock V (J Class)238 viewsDesigned by Charles Nicholson, she was planked in mahogany over galvanised steel frames. This was an unusual form of construction for a J. Apart from the American "Whirlwind", all had metal hulls. Her lines are very graceful. She is noticeably narrower than most J boats, a feature which our model faithfully reproduces. This makes her a little tender in strong winds, but very slippery indeed in light airs. On one occasion, she won a race by shooting straight for the line over a distance of three miles, her skipper relying on her ability to carry her way through the light fluky breeze and patches of calm.
"Robert Hastie"207 viewsMost of our commissions are for private clients, but we happily undertake corporate commissions when called upon to do so. Here you can see a pair of cased models of the Milford Haven Port Authority's new pilot-boat "Robert Hastie", photographed in their boardroom.
(models by John Davies and Frank Hasted)
HMS Solebay 1363 viewsThese are perhaps not the best of photographs, but they're well worth including, because it's such a fine, impressive, highly detailed model. The Battle Class destroyers were very handsome ships.
(Model by John Davies)
Lexington169 views
Tug Furie.505 viewsThis working model of a steam tugboat is twenty-seven inches long. She is small enough to be easy to store and display, easy to transport to the water, but big enough to carry a convincing level of detail. She has a good presence on the water.
She is a complete pleasure to sail. At the end of a demanding day's work, take a little ship like this to the water. Put her afloat. As she gathers way, spinning her delicate web of illusion, looking every inch a little ship in great waters, you can feel the day's cares wash away. Model boats can be very therapeutic.
She is based on the famous Dutch steam tug "Furie", now preserved. Tugs are an important part of the Dutch maritime heritage. The Dutch are the world's marine salvage specialists, and many of the world's largest and most powerful tugs sail under their flag. "Furie", exemplifying a vessel from an earlier age, is something of a national monument.
This model is now in the famous Childe Beale collection.
(model by John Davies)
HMS Solebay 2343 viewsThis example was modified from the Deans Marine kit for improved accuracy, and featured in Traplet's Focus File series.
(Model by John Davies)
Honeybee425 viewsThe result is a truly lovely little display piece, which also has a most convincing performance on the water. In her element, she really makes a very pretty picture indeed. She incorporates all the attention to detail and quality of finish which is so characteristic of our larger projects, but she is less than two feet long. She makes minimal demands for display space, can easily be transported to the water, and she won't break the bank either. In short, she is a little jewel.
This model was featured in "Marine Modelling", November 2001
(model by John Davies)