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Examples of models – various types.
282 viewsCutty Sark; detail. Every detail of her intricate rig is faithfully reproduced.
Ryhope (detail)535 viewsI was able to complete her at a very reasonable price, as there really weren't too many hours in the job. Now he has two models; one large and magnificent, the other a pretty little thing he carry in one hand, and can take to the water on impulse.
(model completed by John Davies)
Gunter Sloop581 viewsThis one is going to be a really sweet little gunter-rigged sloop; a model of the sort of small cruising yacht, just a step up from a dayboat, that was around when I was a young man. With a bit of ingenuity, I should be able to get main, jib and lifting centreplate all to work off simple two-channel radio gear. Working this out is why I am building her. She will offer a really nice entry into scale sailing; light, small, easy to carry, but with a good performance on the water. She will be ready in 2008, tested, reliable, fully refurbished, complete with transmitter, just add water and go. If you wish to reserve her, get in touch now.
Nobby300 viewsNot all display models are large and expensive. Here is a Manx Nobby. These little fishing boats were close cousins of the Morecambe Bay Prawners. Their lines are graceful and slippery, almost more like a yacht than a working fishing boat. Indeed, amny of them were converted to yachts, although the lack of headroom in that slim shallow hull could be a problem. While many working craft were tarred a utilitarian black, the nobbies were usually colourfully painted. This model captures the essence of these pretty little boats. It will make a lovely ornament, it is not at all demanding of display space, and it can be built to a very attractive price.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Juliana 1393 viewsThis is a nice heirloom model. It was built about 1985 by a father for his son. Recently it was brought to us for refurbishment. It cleaned up well, and although it does not carry all the scale detail of today’s best models, it still looks very good, and besides, think of all the precious memories it revives.
(Model by family builder, restored by John Davies)
Endeavour (J Class)219 viewsSo why didn't she win? As the proverb has it, "It's not the ships, it's the men in them". Vanderbilt's organisation and tactics were excellent, both before the Cup series and during it. Sopwith's were less so.
Thirteen of Sopwith's professional crew left his employ eight days before "Endeavour" was due to sail for America. In those days, professional yacht hands worked as fishermen over the winter. The Cup series was held in September 1934, so they would be back from America too late to get berths in the fishery. Sopwith refused to increase his pay offer to make up the difference. It seemed likely that their families would suffer real hardship. Despite a good deal of hysteria in the yachting press, all the "mutineers" soon found berths on other yachts, which would never have happenned if they had not had reason on their side. Sopwith engaged a crew of amateur sailors, most of whom had no experience of something as big as a J boat. The amateurs proved extremely efficient. All the same, losing most of the practiced professionals must have had some effect on "Endeavour"s performance.
Coureur (stern detail)256 viewsWhile the Royal Navy was supreme in fleet actions in the Napoleonic War, they were still caused considerable grief by the French chasse-maree luggers. Fast, agile and heavily crewed, they would dash out from Biscayan ports to snap up any unwary British merchantmen which wandered within reach. "Le Coureur" is a fine example of the type. This beautiful model illustrates the exquisite craftsmanship which goes into all our scale replicas.
(model by Gordon Williams)
Juliana 3369 viewsHere she is running in calmer water through the gathering dusk, making a very atmospheric picture with her navigation lights lit.
(Model by family builder, restored by John Davies)