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Examples of models various types.
Honeybee470 viewsThe deck is laid with individual planks, with caulking faithfully represented between each plank. This modification alone effects a huge improvement over the printed plywood deck supplied. Remember, as we usually look down on our models, the appearance of the deck is very important. A good quality ship's boat is added, stowed in the correct place. A few of the more prominent fittings are re-arranged, following old photographs taken in the port of St Monance. The main hatch was subtly modified for a more authentic appearance. A carefully chosen colour scheme was based on paint, stain, and satin varnish.
Peggy601 viewsThey were built to pursue "the silver harvest, free to all", the herring which once swarmed in the North sea in huge, seemingly inexhaustible shoals. Now, due to a combination of overfishing and pollution, herring stocks have collapsed to the point where no more can be landed from the North Sea. We are learning, slowly and late, that the natural world is not an inexhaustible storehouse of resources to be plundered at will.
Red narrowboat586 viewsWe built two narrowboats, for a gentleman whose garden is given over to a large and splendid live-steam narrow-gauge system.
Visitors on open days say they make a marvellous sight, gliding silently along the cut, while the little trains chuff along the quays, and passing the two without mishap is as interesting as in a real canal.


Nobby295 viewsNot all display models are large and expensive. Here is a Manx Nobby. These little fishing boats were close cousins of the Morecambe Bay Prawners. Their lines are graceful and slippery, almost more like a yacht than a working fishing boat. Indeed, amny of them were converted to yachts, although the lack of headroom in that slim shallow hull could be a problem. While many working craft were tarred a utilitarian black, the nobbies were usually colourfully painted. This model captures the essence of these pretty little boats. It will make a lovely ornament, it is not at all demanding of display space, and it can be built to a very attractive price.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Shamrock V (J Class)275 viewsDesigned by Charles Nicholson, she was planked in mahogany over galvanised steel frames. This was an unusual form of construction for a J. Apart from the American "Whirlwind", all had metal hulls. Her lines are very graceful. She is noticeably narrower than most J boats, a feature which our model faithfully reproduces. This makes her a little tender in strong winds, but very slippery indeed in light airs. On one occasion, she won a race by shooting straight for the line over a distance of three miles, her skipper relying on her ability to carry her way through the light fluky breeze and patches of calm.
Coureur (general view)254 views
Sovereign of the Seas.270 viewsShe makes a magnificent and spectacular model. The client for this example chose to have her built without her rig. Many museums have models which are displayed in this fashion. It sets off the magnificence of the hull without distractions, and considerably reduces storage space and the risk of damage.
(Model by Frank Hasted)
Ranger. (J Class)279 viewsShe was broken up in 1941. It seems a full-sized replica may be built. You can buy our lovely miniature replica for a great deal less, today.