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Examples of models various types.
Clinker Punt.689 viewsAs you can see, this one went to be the punt on a magnificent large radio-controled sailing model of a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. However, she is a pretty little thing in her own right, and would make a nice display piece if you like traditional dinghies. She's not too expensive, either.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Euterpe542 viewsThe Clipper ship "Euterpe" was built on the Isle of Man for the Australian trade. She was one of the first iron ships. After an eventful life, she is now preserved as the "Star of India" at San Diego, California. We built this lovely glass-case replica for a gentleman whose grandfather had been the ship's sailmaker, in the days when she ran her easting down, around the howling Horn.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Endeavour (J Class)516 viewsSo "Endeavour" sailed back to Britain empty-handed. This exceptionally lovely yacht acquired the glamour of a lost cause and a fascinating might-have-been. She formed part of Sopwith's 1937 challenge. She was laid up during the war. After that, she gradually deteriorated. Eventually she was rescued, and lovingly restored, under the aegis of Elizabeth Meyer, an American millionairess, to whom much of the credit for the current revivial of the J class is due.
"Endeavour" still sails, under the American flag these days. She has acquired an engine, a modern mast, a prominent radar aerial, a full outfit of modern winches, and a plethora of deck ventilators to feed her air-conditoned interior. Today she works for her living, taking very rich people on very expensive charter holidays. But the "darling jade" is still with us, still sailing, still racing as hard as ever, and when you see her slicing along, heeled well down and with the spray flying from that lovely hull, she strongly recalls the days when the Cup almost came back to Britain.
Our model captures all her grace and loveliness, as she was in the days when she challenged for sailing's greatest trophy. It will make a lovely embellishment to any room.
Endeavour (J Class)518 viewsIt also seems that Sopwith's afterguard were not as well organised as Vanderbilt's team. "Endeavour"s navigator had a background largely confined to big ships. He was very competent within his limitations, but, understandably, was out of his depth in the specialised conditions of a match race.
Finally, Vanderbilt's tactician, the wily Sherman Hoyt, twice succeeded in luring Sopwith into a covering duel, when "Endeavour" had a commanding lead and a clear run to the finishing line. He did this in the third race, and again in the vital sixth race, on which the outcome of the series hinged. As they say in my home country, "If they has you once, shame on them. If they has you twice, shame on you".
Enterprise (J Class)515 views"Enterprise" was a high-tech wonder. She was built of Tobin bronze over steel frames, a very expensive form of construction, which gives great strength, light weight, and a glassy smooth bottom which is naturally antifouling.
Muirneag.564 views
Small fishing boat.882 viewsNot all working models have to be big and expensive. This little motor fishing vessel shows that quite a small boat can incorporate a delightful range of detail. We have a particular fondness for this type of model. It will sit on a bookshelf and add a touch of colour and interest to your room, but you don't have to rearrange the whole room to make space for it. It is easy to transport to the water, and if the pond is some distance from the carpark, you can carry it easily in one hand. She looks good on the water, and her seaworthy lines assure her of a good performance.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Trafalgar class submarine.784 viewsJust like the real boat, the model Trafalgar class is not really happy on the surface. But pump in ballast and she slips below into her true element.
(Model by John Davies)