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Colin Archer (detail)326 views
HMS Endeavour216 viewsCaptain James Cook is best known for his discovery of Australia. He has other solid claims to fame. He was a superb seaman. He was almost certainly the best navigator of his era. He was one of the very few men of this period to be commissioned from the lower deck.
His greatest achievement was to virtually eliminate the terrible scourge of scurvy. This disease is a vitamin deficiency, caused by limited understanding of diet. Before Captain Cook, it was accepted that on every long voyage, a large proportion of the crew would die. Cook was not prepared to accept this. He made a scientific study of diet, and used his crew as guinea pigs to test his theories, experimenting with a variety of different diets. He nearly caused a mutiny at one point, by ordering that every man should eat two pounds of raw onions each day for a week, but in a voyage of almost three years, he did not lose a single man to scurvy.
He was also responsible for enormous advances in the science of navigation. While a ship's distance north or south from the equator can be calculated using a simple noon sight, to calculate an accurate position east or west demands a precise knowledge of the time. There is an alternative method involving sights of the moon, but it is complex, and only the finest navigators would be able to use it. Cook took to sea and tested the first really accurate chronometers. It is a sobering reflection to realise that before this important advance in technology, few captains could have been exactly certain of where they were once they sailed out of sight of land.
It was these huge advances in diet and navigation which made long-distance ocean voyages far less reliant on chance. They thus paved the way for the huge expansion in European colonialism in the nineteenth century. This quiet, intelligent son of a Yorkshire farm worker probably did more to change the history of the world than all the fighting admirals put together. To a very great extent, we all of us live in the world he made possible.
This model of Captain Cook's "Endeavour" is thus not only a beautiful display piece in her own right, but she is of the greatest historical interest. She will make a fitting embellishment to any home, to a museum, or to the offices of any shipping company, all of which still owe a debt to Captain Cook's pioneering discoveries.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Muirneag.189 viewsHere is something really special. This highly detailed model of the Zulu type fishing vessel "Muirneag" is truly exqusite. There is no other word for it. From one side, she is a fully rigged model. From the other, she is cut away to expose every last tiny detail of the internal structure. Construction methods faithfully follow the original, to the use of wooden treenails in appropriate places. Timber from sustainable sources was used throughout. There is of course absolutely no plastic anywhere in the model.
Such perfection cannot come cheap. The hours and the effort which went into this model were enormous. But if you want something truly unique and beautiful, we can build it for you.
(model by Gordon Williams)
Euterpe196 viewsThe Clipper ship "Euterpe" was built on the Isle of Man for the Australian trade. She was one of the first iron ships. After an eventful life, she is now preserved as the "Star of India" at San Diego, California. We built this lovely glass-case replica for a gentleman whose grandfather had been the ship's sailmaker, in the days when she ran her easting down, around the howling Horn.
(model by Frank Hasted)
Vosper MTB598 viewsMTBs make nice models; spectacular and aggressive-looking, with a good performance. This one came to me half built, and quite competently done. It is based on the Deans Marine Vosper MTB 385. Now Deans use single-shaft machinery to reduce current drain and get a decent running time, relying on lightweight construction to get a good performance. But the original boats had three shafts. Battery technology has moved on a lot since this model was designed. I intend to complete her with three shafts, and see what sort of performance she offers. When I’ve had my fun building and playing with her, she will come up for sale. She will be ready in 2008, tested, reliable, fully refurbished, complete with transmitter, just add water and go. If you wish to reserve her, get in touch now.
HMS Solebay 3342 viewsOn the water she has a lively and convincing performance, and is a complete delight to run.
(Model by John Davies)
Enterprise (J Class)181 viewsLike all American J boats, "Enterprise" had a short life. She was made obsolete by changes in the J class rule in 1932, which made her stripped-out interior illegal. She could not carry the interior fittings required without badly compromising her performance. She spent most of her last years laid up, and was dismantled in 1935.
Yet she is of immense historic importance. Many of the innovations she pioneered are commonplace on today's racing yachts. Not the best-known of the J boats, she is still one of the most interesting. Our model is a fitting reminder of this fascinating yacht. We would be honoured to create one for you.
Honeybee426 viewsThe deck is laid with individual planks, with caulking faithfully represented between each plank. This modification alone effects a huge improvement over the printed plywood deck supplied. Remember, as we usually look down on our models, the appearance of the deck is very important. A good quality ship's boat is added, stowed in the correct place. A few of the more prominent fittings are re-arranged, following old photographs taken in the port of St Monance. The main hatch was subtly modified for a more authentic appearance. A carefully chosen colour scheme was based on paint, stain, and satin varnish.